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What is Mobsta?


Mobsta is a portable roaming photo booth. It is capable of snapping GIFs or photos and instantly emails the result to your guests on the spot!





Our brand ambassador engages your guests

to capture a GIF video or photos.



The GIF or photos are then instantly emailed to guests.



Guests share on social media!



Guests can collect their printed photos from a Mobsta printing station.



Unlike traditional photobooths, Mobsta is portable, so we bring the fun and engagement directly to your guests. Mobsta gives you the freedom to interact and engage with your audience like never before.


Mobsta is designed to offer you more than one type of design frame. You will have the freedom to choose more than one frame to use on the day. It instantly generates the GIF captured using that frame animation and emails the finished product to your guests, ready for sharing!


Everything will be fully customised for you by our in-house design team. 


All our services come with trained brand ambassadors to engage your guests. 


The Mobsta GIF is sent instantly to guests, ready to share! Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or WeChat. 

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yoU are

looking for?





"The booth looked great and was such a huge hit!" 

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Frequently asked questions FAQ

How does it work?!

Mobsta is a fully portable photo solution that uses custom technology hand crafted by our very own Fotobox Team, that offers a fully branded interface, branded photo print outs, and even as an add on; a branded photo printing booth! Mobsta utilises our top secret technology to capture your images either still, or GIF, and directly emails them to your party guests or customers that interact with us! We simply capture the images for you and send them directly to your party guests and to our printing station!

Can it be stationary?

Sure can! We can mount Mobsta onto a stand if you prefer that option! Simply let our wonderful team know before your event and we can ensure your wildest dreams are catered for!

How do guests receive the GIF’s?

They are simply prompted to enter their email address in after the image is taken, this email address is collected and the GIF image sent directly to the person taking the photo!

Does it do print outs?

If your guests are looking for a print out and you have hired our instant-print service, they can make their way over to our printing station to reference their email address and receive their print outs!

Where can it go?

The beauty of Mobsta is that it can go absolutely anywhere! We bring all our own internet tools, so as long as there is service - we are able to send the photos instantly! Simple as that!

How do we create print outs of GIF’s?

Our technology Takes 5 still images from the GIF that are the most clear and sends them to our printing station for review. This is connected to the email address provided by the guest. The nicest image is selected by your guest and is then printed in up to five copies for them to take home as a keepsake!

Does it need a power point?

Nope! Our Mobsta photo booth is fully self sufficient and does not require any source of power directly plugged in! No power point? No problem!

Is it staffed?

It certainly is! Our wonderful staff members will be on hand to operate the Mobsta through the entire activation. We take care of the hard work so you don’t have to! Hiring a printing station too? We’ll have a staff member there to take care of that too.

What makes mobsta so different?

Mobsta is the perfect alternative to the traditional photo booth due to its portability. You are never limited to where you can station the booth - as
mobsta can come to you! We have completed events in so many various places, such as on a boat, in many universities, “The island” and many more! If you have a cool activation location in mind simply contact us - we’d be more than happy to assist you in picking the perfect key items for the location - no matter how crazy!

Mobsta is perfect for dinners, corporate functions such as conventions, product releases and any event in between! The best part about our Mobsta is that we can cater to any event imaginable! Simply let us know what kind of event you are hosting, what the vibe goals are and we can ensure we cater the experience to suit the event andit’s attendees!

With a standard photo booth, you are often limited to space, and time. With Mobsta, we can take GIF’s in less than 5 minutes each which means your guests are in and out in just a few short minutes! The greatest thing about Mobsta is it’s ability to take up practically no space in your venue! This leaves more space for that extra cocktail bar, lolly buffet or a little extra space for your dance floor! (and everyone loves a good boogie!)

“In the past, our staff have been told by party-goers that they much preferred this kind of keepsake from an event rather than a goodie bag or chocolates that get eaten! And we agree with them. Your nearest and dearest get to take home a piece of the party with memories that are sure to last for years to come. We’ve even had some parents get their kids involved and grab extra copies to send out to grandma and grandpa for their fridge”

When it comes to corporate events, the same applies - why give away the same old t-shirts, pens and coffee mugs that don’t get used when you can send home a branded memory piece of their time at your company? In our opinion, branded photo booth prints are SO much more fun and personalised! You too can work with us to build the perfect engagement activation. Chat with us today to find out other ways you can utilise our many products to increase your brand awareness!”




Having a wedding and love that your guests are taking photos but maybe want to keep one of each for yourself? Not a problem. Our staff can print 1 extra of all images for your guests to add their well wishes on, and stick them into a keepsake for you! Simply enquire with our team regarding our unique photo booth print out keepsakes for more information!

Instead of a regular guest book filled with the usual boring autographs and standard “Congratulations to the happy couple” or “Best wishes” statements, instead you receive a beautiful unique one of a kind keepsake filled with beautiful messages from your nearest and dearest along with candid images of all the fun had by your guests!

This is something you can display at home to show visitors all the wonderful people in your life and how unabashedly silly and fun they are!


When it comes to Corporate, you can use images from the booth to increase social media exposure and brand awareness! With your amazing assets branded on the photo booth, email interaction, gif AND can even do a social media kiosk for your guests to upload their gif’s straight to Facebook or Instagram! We are all about that brand awareness life!



Photo booths bring years of memories

"It is crazy fun"


Mobsta is your definite one-stop-shop for Accessibility, portability and FUN!

We provide professional quality
GIF’s and Photo Booths in NSW, QLD, Melbourne and Perth. Every event is completely unique in their own way - and so are we!

We love partnering up with the 3 B’s. Brands, Brides and Birthday people! We like
to to give the ultimate final touch to your event and ensure your guests truly have the time of their lives! We believe each and every event is special, and that’s why we LOVE catering to your every need! Let us know if there’s any way we can assist you further in nailing your dream photo booth/event setup and our wonderful team will be more than happy to oblige!

We are experts in ensuring your guests are having a great time. Our highly trained Photo Booth staff members are excellent at getting people involved and bringing the party to you! Have shy guests? No stress! We can tailor their experience based on your preference! Want us to let them come to us? Sounds great. Want our wonderful Photo Booth promoters to encourage your guests to jump on? We’re all over it.


Our fully customisable Mobsta Photo Booths are ideal for corporate functions if ysou’re looking to build your brand awareness. Starting with the interface of the program, we can fully brand it for you so that every single facet of our activation is completely unique to your brand and event.

When planning an event (such as a corporate party, wedding, birthday, promo event) You have to spend hours and hours liaising with suppliers when the hard work can be done for you. Simply hire us to take total care of your guest entertainment needs and simultaneously capture memories to last a lifetime.

It is important to make sure your guests feel included. Often, laughter is the easiest way to break the ice and really get involved with the conversation. Jazz up your own backdrop, use one of our beautiful backdrops or have one custom made for your installation - when you include a point of interest to take photos with, you are certain to get people talking! We often see many brands and brides use interesting backdrops asa ice breaker for your venue guests! Include props to ensure that your class clown types are all ready to go to get the party started. Bringing people together isn’t always easy but thankfully our highly trained photo booth staff are always ready to help get the party started!

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