Boost Your Team’s Memberships with a Camera!

Say what?! Yep. Those gadgets that go click CAN get your membership numbers through the roof!

Members do more than just fill in your side of the stadium – they get everyone’s spirits up when the going gets tough. Remember Melbourne Victory’s 1-0 win? That game had them grabbing their fourth championship! To this day, it resonates as a spectacular show of sportsmanship. But it wasn’t just Kosta Barbarouses’ provocative last-minute goal that had Melbourne Victory crushing the Jets. It was also the absolute show of force by a crowd of at least 28,000!

Think of the chants and the brute strength these numbers can do when they chant for YOUR team!

Now let’s get back to that gadget that goes click…

What, you say? How can THAT help me?!

In a crowd of thousands, you have to stand out to get more people signing up for you. If you’re wondering how to get that job done amidst the merrymaking and revelry, say no more. The Fotobox photobooth unobtrusively gets you those needed prospective members.

See, photobooths give more than just instant photos you get to keep at parties and events. Aside from capturing awesome game-day faces, these are what you can do with the Fotobox photobooth:

• Collect Email leads as future contacts

• Use Mobsta (check it out at

• Boost memberships and sign-ups

• Engage with fans!

• Ensure that your fans have a fantastic time!

• Make memories to last a lifetime

• Create a great experience

It’s an easy, fun, and proven method of engaging more fans to join your herd! (Without having to ask too hard…). Take a look at our gallery and see the big brands that trust us the most!

This here’s the hook ….

At Fotobox, we don’t just offer you the traditional photobooth (though we got that too!). The Mobsta service, in particular, is small and portable. When our promoters hold the Mobsta, they ensure your guests have the freedom to take photobooth photos anywhere around the stadium! In short, unlike stationary photobooths, you get the freedom to roam around the venue whilst snapping away.

Everything is customized for you by the in-house design team and all services come with trained brand ambassadors to engage your guests. And have we mentioned you can get totally branded print outs if you hire a printing station? Everyone gets a photo or a moving picture that is sent instantly, ready for sharing. Hello Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Should they want a traditional photo on hand, guests can easily collect copies from a Mobsta printing station.

Now, how’s that for engaging?!

Think about it. Other teams offer reserved seat memberships, general admission perks, upgrade privileges, discounts, and priority access to seasons. What better way to outdo the others than by adding that extra dose of fun? If you or your team have a reason to celebrate (and there always is during the season!), then Mobsta is absolutely perfect for you! It’s a trend that isn’t likely to go away for years to come because:

• It’s easy-on-the-pocket fun (It’s quick, easy, personalized and gets your message across for a reasonable price!)

• Brand recall is quick. (Your brand + their photo = priceless)

• It’s a great alternative to hiring a photographer. (You get a brand ambassador behind each Mobsta. This means, that everyone who comes into contact with us, comes into contact with your team brand!)

• It lifts the team spirit! (Now, isn’t that what every A-league fan is known for?)

So get that photobooth fun happening. Contact us today to book for the coming season!

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