Capture the best day EVER!

Get fans to meet their idols using this Photo Booth.

Pilgrimages are to the faithful as concerts are to loyal fans. When concertgoers purchase tickets months in advance and it cost them a pretty buck, they expect to wring the marrow out of the experience!

The opportunity to snap a selfie (or groufie) with their idol, is the holy grail of any concert. goer. But how do they even get within a 10-foot distance in a crowd of thousands?

SIMPLE. Via Photo Booth!

Hiring a Photo Booth makes YOUR EVENT one for the books!

Ok, so they don’t get an actual treasure photo with Bruno Mars. But organizers and venues can give fans the experience of a lifetime! Photo Booth services come with bespoke backgrounds and themes. And for a reasonable fee, fans get to take home proof that they’ve seen their favorite stars perform live!

Fotobox’s photo booth makes a perfect keepsake for any concert. Think ICC Sydney, Qudos Bank Arena or Hordern Pavilion. And don’t forget the often forgotten corporate suites and VIP areas! Having such a service to use before and after concerts gets everyone in the zone for a great experience.

It isn’t just the fans who stand to have a smashingly gorgeous time…

Organizers, promoters, marketing firms, and venue companies could get in on the action too! (Without trying too hard). Businesses, brands, corporations, and the companies behind the venue and the artist stand to benefit the most from a photo booth promotion.

Photo booths are a means to:

· Collect email leads for contact in the future;

· Boost foot traffic;

· Engage with concertgoers (and potential paying clients and loyal advocates);

· Make memories with friends and family;

· Create a great experience for VIP guests (with the added VIP treatment of personalized frames);

· Promote a brand or business to all states from just a single event.

In addition, photo booths are a great alternative to hiring a pricey photographer. Costs are significantly lower at around $800 to $2000. Photos are printed right away, and some even offer images saved on a USB drive or CD. This quick, in-a-heartbeat, service allows guests to share and upload images right after the event.

Most photo booths come in a generic shape and form - a stationary, standalone box with a camera. If you’d like a step up from the traditional photo booth, then you might want to check out the Mobsta Camera, a portable, roaming photo booth. The Mobsta snaps photos and GIFS and instantly sends photos to guests via email, on the spot!

Fotobox’s Mobsta is an entirely fresh concept where a brand ambassador engages your guests while capturing a GIF video or photo. It’s really more than just a photo booth. You get a roving photographer who engages guests and encourages interactions like never before. (And if you ask us, it’s more fun than donning all those fancy props and bric-a-brac!).

Got a huge concert or event? ditch the usual promos. Mobsta photo booths are it! You hit several goals all at once. Plus, it’s something to talk about long after the event is over … Looking for more? We've got you covered. If you liked this, you're going to looooooove THIS article! Visit for pricing and services guides