From Bridezilla to Bridechilla

Get your wedding business burning when you add a photo booth as part of your services

Weddings are meant to be once-in-a-lifetime events. So when a bride-to-be walks in to ask about your business’ products and services, expect to deal with a perfectionist.

But perfectionist or not, what converts an interested bride-to-be into a booked client are solutions – services that make their big day as seamless and as unique as possible. In addition, they want bang for their buck. The vendor who gets the business is the vendor who delivers more than expected.

Brides won’t admit it but they want more than their money’s worth.

To get into their short list of suppliers for the big day, go the extra mile by providing a premium service at minimum cost.

For instance, if you offer your venue for rent, a photo booth is a great add-on. It’s inexpensive fun. Your clients can say goodbye to predictable, cookie-cutter receptions because hiring a photo booth provides silly amusement for all ages. Many services come with props and costumes that guarantee fun and humor.

Second, snapping photos is a must for any event! It’s what makes everyone remember your service. People look forward to documenting special occasions. Nowadays, everything is uploaded to social media. With photo booth services, guests can walk away with as many photos as they want (with different groups of friends), and the couple gets a copy for themselves, as well.

Third, if you are in the wedding business, you can easily add your brand to the photos. Bespoke backdrops allow you to place your logo on printouts. It’s subtle promotion without being too pushy. When any of the guests find a need for the products and services you offer, your brand becomes top of mind. The best part is, photos are similarly available in digital format. Every time photos are shared, your brand and logos are shared too.

Last but not least, its a great alternative to hiring a photographer. This means it’s one headache less for the bride-to-be. Aside from having to wait long to get your photos after the event, the average cost of wedding photographers in Australia is around $4,000. With a photo booth, guests get their photos right away and the couple gets a copy as well. (And the cost is definitely below $4,000.)

It’s one less thing to think about

Offering a photo booth as an add-on to your business is a plus for both you and the bride-to-be. You get to grow your business while giving them a wedding to remember.

When you engage the services of a photo booth as a business owner you:

  • Get to collect email leads for future contacts;

  • Boost foot traffic to your business and website;

  • Engage with brides and other potential clients;

  • Ensure that the brides have fun;

  • Help them make memories to last a lifetime; and

  • Create a great experience for both the bride and her guests.

A photo booth allows you to hit two goals with just one move. You provide a service that brides would love while at the same time, get your business promoted without having to post ads on the usual types of media. The crux of social media management is engagement. To engage, you need people to subscribe to your email lists. Imagine the expenses you’d save when eager guests fill out their email addresses (instead of you having to purchase an email list from an email marketer!).

Get your client to turn from bridezilla to bridechilla with a photo booth that goes the extra mile! Earn more with this add-on and gain more engaged clients without much effort!

Got questions? Wondering how a photo booth service boost your wedding and party packages

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