How to Pose for Group Photos and Always Look Picture Perfect

Say Cheese! Maybe you’re planning an open air event and are looking to spice up the ambience, so you’ve decided to rent an open air photo booth. That being so, now it’s time to practice your best poses and angles for the group photo. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll learn how to always look spotless in group pictures so you never fear being tagged again. Here are 8 tricks everyone should know before stepping into an open air photo booth for that whimsical group picture with their squad.

1. Work Your Angles.

Which side of you is more flattering? Is it the right one or the left one? The best way to find out is by practicing in front of a mirror. Find your right angle and make sure you turn about 45 degrees for the most flattering pose. Avoid straight-on shots as many professional photographers will tell you that they're the most awkward. Everyone looks more charming with a little angle involved. Simply rotate your chin slightly to your left or right side, tilt it a bit upward or downward, while keeping your eyes focused on the photographer.

Absolutely ravishing! Now on to the next step!

2. Use Your Tongue to Achieve the Perfect Smile.

Did you know that your tongue could be the secret ingredient to your picture-perfect smile? The placement of your tongue inside your mouth is key to looking flawless. The trick is to put your tongue behind your teeth and smile so that you’ll look less forced and more relaxed. This pose can also tighten the chin, giving your face a more slimming effect. This pose is one of Jessica Chastain’s favorite red carpet looks.

Try this tip at your upcoming open air photo booth party and see how it works for you!

3. Position Your Arms.

What exactly does one do with their arms in this kind of situation? What is the right position for them to ensure you don’t feel unnatural and weird? The best way to use your hands in a charming way is by placing one hand on your hip, relaxing your wrist, and keeping the shoulders down. This will give your figure a more natural feel and a casual flair.The other alternative is to hold your arms out from your sides slightly. Jennifer Lawrence is particularly fond of this pose when she's having a princess-gown moment.

Got it? Now go and practice the pose in front of your mirror!

4. Put Your Smile On

Smile while you still have teeth! Smile because there’s so much to be happy about. Open air photo booths are designed with fun in mind so don’t hold back on showing your amused facial expression. Take down that frown and turn it upside down replacing it with cheer! However, there are a few tricks you should be aware of before stepping into that open air photo booth.

Smiling too wide can make your face tense up and can cause your eyes to squint. Instead, smile gently so that your face looks relaxed. Your mouth should open slightly, and your lower lip should match the curve of your upper teeth.

Fun fact! Did you know that there were a few smiles to be found in the early years of photography? It was after WW2 that smiles became the standard expression. Why? Lousy dental health!

5. Don’t Follow the Group

Have you ever wondered why models look so incredibly spectacular in group photos? These ladies have got it down to a fine art. If you take a closer look you’ll see that each model is doing something different. One is angled to the right, the other to the left. One is carelessly playing with her hair, while the other is smiling seductively to the camera. The best group shots happen when people look natural and poses are diversified.

The key to looking attractive in a group photo is not following the group but following yourself. Express your personality, whether that is a quirky geek, a playful child until eternity, or the party girl everyone counts on to light up the mood. Who you truly are exists at any given time so don’t be ashamed to express it authentically. Be confident and proud of who you are and avoid copying the posture of those standing next to you.

What have we learned so far? Find the right angle, use your tongue, hand on hip, smile and be yourself. On to the next tip ladies!

6. Cross your Ankles

Are you longing for those days when you would put bunny ears on your head and shout cheese to the camera? Trying to look your best in a group photo now that you’re an adult requires a little more effort than just screaming the name of a delicious dairy product.

Another tip you should master is nonchalantly crossing the ankles. This pose is a favorite of many celebrities. If you wish to conquer the straight-on group shot, simply cross your ankles at the calf. The end result: your hips will look narrower and your legs longer. It’s important to put your weight on the back foot and add a slight angle so you aren’t square on to the camera.

7. Turn to One Side for a Profile

Kick your group photo game up a notch by turning to one side for a profile. This is the preferred pose of everyone's favourite sweetheart Taylor Swift. She uses her body to create the perfect “S” curve, that always seems to capture perfectly. We simply need to put our weight on the back foot and slightly bend the front leg to essentially 'flirt' with the camera and to elongate our neck. Try to rotate the body one way or the other so both arms are visible to the camera. This is an amazing pose for your group photo. Your body will be perfectly angled, your figure will look slim, and your overall appearance will seem very natural to the naked eye.

And the last step that is most essential for looking fabulous:

8. Have fun and enjoy the moment.

Open air photo booths are created to keep everyone entertained, and to capture and craft fun memories. They can enhance any event and offer a whimsical flair for an unforgettable party. So take advantage of this magical ambiance and enjoy every moment with the people you love and look up to. Go ahead, put your most flattering pose on and take home a keepsake of this special occasion. Grab your group of friends, step in front of the booth and let the fun times roll.

What was your favourite pose? Will you try it out in your next group photo? Let us know in the comments below!

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