✨ Leave an IMPRINT on your guests ✨

Imagine. You're heading out to grab dinner with a partner or friend. When asked if you'd like a drink, do you say cola? Or Coke? How about the last time you cut yourself… did you look for a bandage or did you ask for Band-Aid?

Coke, Kleenex, Band-aid… these terms are known as proprietary eponyms, successful brand names or trademarks that have earned its way into general use to refer to a generic class of objects. Attaining this status is the holy grail of all international brands.

And we know that it’s the end goal for yours too.

You want your brand, your name, to stand out in all your campaigns. While you may not achieve the same recognition in your business, this doesn’t mean you can’t do something creative to boost brand awareness for your products and services. It may take several lifetimes to be the next Tide but it certainly won’t hurt to try!

Want your brand to be THE byword in your area? A great keepsake for customers and clients is a great start! At first, the idea of organising a customisation service for your product seems tedious to complete on your own, where do you start? Well, you don't have to worry about that. Your first and only stop is Fotobox #IMPRINT. We take care of the hard work for you! Check out more below:

How the Fotobox Imprint works…

Imprint is the ultimate custom event tool. It’s a personalized design service that creates a SEAMLESS and EYE-CATCHING print with YOUR name or photo… ON THE SPOT!

No downtime. No waiting for images via mail or email. They get it right here, right now!

It’s a personalized, on-demand service that allows attendees, prospective clients, and leads to make tailored changes to any physical product you provide during your event.

The result?

An item for them to keep … with your brand on it.

Harness the power of the Instagram with the Fotobox Imprint!

How? With our Hashtagger machine, you can now pull images from Instagram using a hashtag and we can print them.

Ok… its customized prints, now what?

Because we want you to stand out, we go the extra mile.

A Fotobox Imprint service is more than a customizable print.

Our services come with charismatic brand ambassadors who actively engage guests. Your guests, in turn, provide their name for customization. Images are then instantly printed and handed to guests (imprinted on a freebie your brand or venue) and encouraged to share via social media through hashtags!

UP THE ANTE - In lieu of plain freebies with your company’s brand on it, why not go the extra mile that would include your attendee’s names. This Imprint service can customize any physical product you provide at your event. Recreate labels (or provide vectors and personalized images). It literally is an imprint of your guests and prospective clients! If personalizing items isn’t your thing, you have the option to print out sticker labels. Use on your mobile phone, gift … anything you can stick on.

TRY OUR HASHTAGGER SERVICE – Hashtags create excellent visibility for any campaign. The secret is in the hashtag’s relevance. Use the right ones and you zero-in on your target audience. Take it a step further. Impress with your bespoke items! How so? Have guests snap photos of themselves and use your event hashtag - we can pull it from Instastory OR Insta feed using Hashtagger. We then add the image to their personalised label and print it on the spot! Talk about hand crafted service!

Get your business and your brand NOTICED. Stand out from the crowd and leave an imprint (pun intended!) with the Fotobox Imprint! Looking for more? We've got you covered. If you liked this, you're going to looooooove THIS article! In the market for a photobooth for your next party or event? Go ROAMING with MOBSTA! You can check out more of Fotobox and our services online at https://www.whatisfotobox.com.auFollow us: @fotoboxaustralia | Fotobox Australia on Facebook