This incredible photo booth will turn your decadent luncheon or dinner into a night to remember!

Meet Mobsta. Your portable photo booth solution, ready to take on even the most beautiful, extravagant, weird and wacky events! How does it work? Mobsta is ready when your guests are - They simply take a GIF with one of our wonderful brand ambassadors, choose a frame expertly crafted to match your event space or theme by our in-house design team, and voila! It is magically in your inbox in just a few short moments.

But we don’t stop there - all our Mobsta’s come with a fully customisable interface before the event meaning every moment your guests spend with our team is completely branded by you. We can work with any assets provided before the day to craft a fully immersive experience with your brand name all over it! Need a funky backdrop or have any special requests? See our lovely team members for further assistance regarding this and they would be happy to assist.

So you’ve heard about Mobsta, you know what it is. But how do we integrate it?

Mobsta is the perfect engagement tool for your dinner to spice up the fun and really get your guests involved. When it comes to traditional photo booths - they can often take up quite a bit of space, and if they don’t flow with your event styling… sometimes they can look out of place!

With Mobsta - you don’t need to worry at all. With it’s slimline design and completely mobile functionality it will take up absolutely no space and won’t interfere with your beautiful event styling.

The benefit of Mobsta is that it ISN’T Stationary. Imagine. You’re at a gala dinner with all your favourite workmates or friends.. You see a photo booth ahead and you definitely want to capture the memories of the night - however the lineup is long and you wish it could just come to you… Well this one can!

Trained Brand ambassadors or promoters will happily directly engage guests to ask them if they’d like to take a picture. If you have a certain quantity of pictures you’d like by the end of the event simply let them know! They will work their hardest to reach beyond your event goals.

So, you’re sitting at dinner. Wishing the Photo Booth would magically come to you… And then it does! You can stay in the comfort of your seats and let our team capture your memories to be instantly sent to your phone… Your guests will truly be in heaven (especially if they happen to be wearing heels!) as the party comes to them.

When it comes to our back catalogue of past events we have pretty much covered everything. Mobsta is just that incredibly versatile. We are highly experienced in various areas including product release events and launch parties… and Mobsta is no exception to this! If you have a high tea or maybe a breakfast for your influencers and VIP’s to show off your new fragrance or beauty item for example… We have certainly got you covered.

With Mobsta’s ultra fast GIF-taking capabilities you can have a GIF taken, and sent to your email in the blink of an eye. Meaning those extra special influencer VIP’s will be able to download their GIF and upload it to insta or facebook straight away!

More posts means the brand exposure that dreams are made of!

We are more than happy to work with you on absolutely anything you desire - that’s the beauty of our Mobsta, Portable Photo Booth and it’s incredible versatility. If you’re looking for a fun activation that encourages your guests to get involved without the stress of having to locate the photo booth and line up for what can sometimes be a long time - then Mobsta is truly perfect.

If you are holding a larger scale event and find that you’d like more than one portable photo booth in your event space- just reach out to our team - they’d be more than happy to help.

Looking for more? We've got you covered. If you liked this, you're going to looooooove THIS article! In the market for a photobooth for your next party or event? Go ROAMING with MOBSTA! You can check out more of Fotobox and our services online at us: @fotoboxaustralia | Fotobox Australia on Facebook