7 Unique Wedding Reception ideas!

What makes a great wedding reception?

A top-notch caterer? A top-shelf bubbly bar? How about a legendary band to keep the party going till the wee hours?

We hate to tell you but…

It isn’t all about the bells and whistles.

While having a pricey Michelin-rated pastry chef get busy behind the scenes is great, guests remember the heartfelt things – the poignant speech by the father of the bride, or Aunt Lily’s bespoke wedding favors, among many others of course.

Here are a few unique wedding reception ideas you won’t want to miss.

1. Personalized wedding favors –Gone are the days of long guest lists and invitees you hardly know. Modern weddings are now intimate affairs. With this in mind, consider having bespoke items made: personalized soaps, embroidered hand towels, liquid bath gels in tailor-made containers, candles with guests’ name on it… the possibilities are endless. Digital printing costs have made all these tailor-made items feasible thanks to reasonable costs and pricing.

2. Hangover goody bags - This has got to be the most well-loved wedding token we’ve seen to date. A little bag filled with bottled water, hand sanitizer, a small container of Advil, breath mints, mouthwash, sweets (cookies and candies), as well as Tums or any antacid, is such a hit with any crowd. And if some of your guests don’t drink, the items are practical for daily use anyway.

3. Hire a Photo Booth – Hiring the services of a photo booth accomplishes two things: guests get to take home photos in an instant all while letting their hair down. It’s a fun thing to have at any reception (or any event for that matter). Fotobox Photo Booth services, in particular, come with a dedicated photographer, props and bric-a-brac for effect, and a personalized backdrop. A unique spin to this service is Fotobox’s roving photo booth called the Mobsta. Photos can be shared instantly via social media.

4. Favorite’s bar - Put a spin on that dessert bar by having a small spread of the couple’s favorite desserts and snacks. Guests love to relive their youth through famous childhood sweets. How’s about serving Carob Buds, Nutella Snacks, popcorn, or Sesame Snaps? Arrowroot Biscuits and Ovalteenies have never tasted so good. If you grew up in the 90s, this table is a sure hit!

5. Guest-appropriate games – Why limit your games to the singles? Have everyone join in on the fun with games that appeal to everyone. One game we absolutely love involves finding the longest married couple. Have everyone stand then have all the singles sit down. Eliminate couples till you are left with a few who have been married the longest. (The longest married couple we know have been together for 78 years!). Have these couples tell their “secret” to a long-lasting marriage. The remaining pairs win a prize – with the longest married guests getting the grand prize.

6. Hang-a-photo – With the flurry of activities, the new Mr. and Mrs. won’t be able to mingle with guests as much as they want to or even take a snapshot with them. Here’s a great idea. Have guests snap a photo of themselves via photo booth (see #3) and have them place their photo on a makeshift “clothesline” with a dedication to the couple at the back. It’s a heartfelt way for guests to say their thank you’s and best wishes.

7. Take-a-shot-then-take-your-seat – The wedding reception should always be more laid back than the more formal ceremony. Soon as the guests head over to the venue, have shot glasses prepped with a favorite mocktail or cocktail. Each glass bearing a tiny card with the guest name and seat number on it. It serves as a welcome drink and the fun that is to come! Brides and grooms have come up with unique names for their drinks such as Amelia’s Sangria or Noah’Says I Do Honeydew Martini.

Got a unique wedding reception idea? Let us know in the comments below! Looking for more? We've got you covered. If you liked this, you're going to looooooove THIS article! In the market for a photobooth for your next party or event? Go ROAMING with MOBSTA!You can check out more of Fotobox and our services online at https://www.whatisfotobox.com.au Follow us: @fotoboxaustralia | Fotobox Australia on Facebook