Why this photo booth is redefining movie premieres!

Before the advent of the internet, YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix, movie premieres were the bomb. Folks would line up for hours, ticket in hand, just to get first dibs at the 3rd installment of Star Wars. Back then, movie houses were scant and yesterday’s theater was eons away from the 3D experience. But the thrill of being the first to find out how Han Solo would survive frozen in carbonite was priceless. Fans were happy. Movie houses were ecstatic!

Fast-forward to 2019.

Avid moviegoers now enjoy the perks of 4D. You could go old school or you could shell out extra and enjoy the latest installment of the Avengers in a reclining leather chair.

You no longer need to drive hours to get to your favorite cinema and movie premieres can be had in just about any city.

This means…

Well, this means that if you’re holding a movie premiere for charity or profit, you’re up against stiff competition. Not just among cinemas but among movies with the same premiere dates as well.

The business of movie making has never been this lucrative thanks to CGI. Releases have quadrupled since the 90s. And while production companies and movie houses have a lot to gain, everyone’s got to up their game.

You got to be different

People will always want to watch movies. It’s an experience you just can’t beat! But how do you get them to come to YOUR movie premier and not the neighboring cinema’s? And if you’re holding a movie premiere as a sales and marketing tool, how do you use this event to boost sales and engage potential customers?

Well, the answer is pretty simple… offer your customers a different experience via photo booth!

Photo booths aren’t just for parties

Think that photo booths are exclusive to parties and weddings?

Think again.

Unlike the average photo booth, Fotobox helps your business by boosting event buzz, getting the VIPs into the spirit, capturing memories, and spurring content creation.

Imagine the vibe during a movie premiere. Everyone’s having fun, all eager to get inside the cinema… A photo booth ups the ante by raising the fun factor. Guests get to pose with cool props and their photo is ready in a heartbeat. They could even upload snapshots to social media instantly!

What’s even way cooler than this is how the fun can benefit your business. With a Fotobox photo booth, you can collect email leads (when they sign in using their email address) and engage with both fans and VIPs.

It’s a marketing strategy that doesn’t push too hard nor makes gathering information about your potential clients very intrusive.

Among the services Fotobox offers is the Mobsta Camera, a roaming camera handled by an “ambassador”. This ambassador’s task, in addition to handling the Mobsta camera, is to engage the client, capture photos, and collect information necessary for valid marketing purposes.

Why get a photo booth?

When you hire the services of a photo booth, you don’t just give photos away with your brand on it.

You give them an experience.

Guests take home more than just photos – they take home the happy memories. Once they associate your brand with a pleasant experience, then half of your marketing endeavors are accomplished!

Here are other reasons why a Fotobox photo booth can get your bottom line up:

  • You get to collect email leads;

  • It’s a great opportunity for you to introduce your brand and business without being obtrusive;

  • It’s fun for them (and quite profitable for you!);

  • A Fotobox Mobsta photo booth is a great alternative to hiring a photographer and sales personnel on the day of the premier;

  • People will only be too happy to give information in exchange for a digital copy of their photo;

  • Fotobox’s Mobsta camera come in still photos and gif formats.

What’s not to love?

Redefine your own movie premiere experience with a Fotobox photo booth now! Looking for more? We've got you covered. If you liked this, you're going to looooooove THIS article!In the market for a photobooth for your next party or event? Go ROAMING with MOBSTA! You can check out more of Fotobox and our services online at https://www.whatisfotobox.com.auFollow us: @fotoboxaustralia | Fotobox Australia on Facebook